Business trips

Bedrijfsuitje, teambuilding, coaching en training

Saila is very suitable for business sailing trips (business outings, team-building, training). Saila is a representative yacht, with excellent facilities and sailing qualities. Are you looking for an inspiring location which boosts brainstorm sessions and creativity? Or a day of team-building to increase the closeness of your managers? Do you see the unique advantages of a sailing trip for intensive coaching or training?
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Business outing

Volop pret aan boordWith Saila Sailing, we make every business outing a celebration.
There is time for everyone willing to steer, navigate and trim the sails. Of course, you can also relax, enjoy the sun and talk with your colleagues. Under way we will serve delicious refreshments and drinks. The arrangement of the day and activities are easily adjustable to the wishes and experience of the guests. So far, everybody has been madly enthusiastic! We would love to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities!

Team-building & training

ZeilhijsenSailing yacht Saila offers the perfect entourage for a day of team-building or training: out of your comfort zone, working together for a clear target and lots of interaction. Saila Sailing works together with professional trainers and coaches to turn your employees and managers into a closer and more effective team. Strengths and pitfalls are registered by the small cameras aboard. Watching back the footage gives interesting information for effective evaluations.
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VictorGesprekThe intimacy of our sailing yacht is the ideal place for genuine contact. Add the relaxed ambiance aboard Saila and you have the ideal place for fruitful coaching. Together with coaches, we make day trips and weekend trips in which the guest will be intensively guided in their search for themselves, their place in society or the processing of a traumatic experience.
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LandvastRVSBolderSaila gives your special event an extra dimension with its nautical entourage. Your employees, clients or prospects will experience a day they will not forget! Tuned to your corporate identity and together with professional partners, we guarantee a successful event. If necessary we organise more ships, or support you with the organisation of the event.
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GoProHero3For the training sessions aboard we have developed the unique Sea-it™ video system to capture all the activity aboard. Trainers and coaches can use the footage to evaluate the behaviour of participants. Get in touch with us for the possibilities to use this system for your training or team-building event. Or go to our picture & video page for more information