Frequently asked questions

What makes Saila Sailing unique?

Saila Sailing offers great sailing trips and holidays for everyone, for families, friends or colleagues. For people with or without sailing experience, for people who want a carefree sailing experience on a beautiful yacht. We’re extremely focused on the wishes of our guests. This personal approach and attention to detail is something you have to experience!
Furthermore, Saila Sailing organises Pro Deo trips  for informal caregivers and terminally or chronically ill patients. As a guest of Saila Sailing you are contributing to this charity!

I have never sailed...

Welcome aboard! We would love to introduce you to sailing. We organize every trip in line with the wishes and experience level of our guests, it doesn’t matter if you have sailed before or not. Bring along your good temper and positive energy and together we will make the trip unforgettable!

Is a sailing trip or holiday on a sailing yacht something for us?

A trip with Saila Sailing is the ideal way to find out! Hans and Lilias are very helpful and always take your wishes and concerns into account. Having three children themselves, they have an eye for guests of every age. A day trip or weekend on Saila is an easy way to become acquainted with sailing and living aboard a sailing yacht.
Have you got the sailing virus? Of course you are welcome aboard for a longer trip or holiday! Enjoy sailing without the fuss of maintaining a ship or being responsible for navigation and safety.

Does Saila Sailing have a 'fine weather' guarantee?

Yes and no. We can’t influence the weather, so we can’t guarantee ‘fine weather’. However, when the weather onshore is not so good, the situation on the water is oftentimes much better. Whenever the weather for your day trip is too bad to go sailing, you can reserve a substitute day or we will refund your payment. The skipper is always informed about the latest maritime weather forecasts.

What do you mean with your 'all-inclusive' prices?

We like clear and fair prices, without extra compulsory costs such as € 80,- cleaning costs, € 50,- to € 200,- policy excess restriction, fuel, lunch, bed linnen, etc. At first sight it seems competitive, but eventually you will have to pay more than expected… With our all-inclusive prices, you don’t have any hidden costs. Even the lunch under way and the breakfast (for trips of several days) will be provided by us. You don’t have to pay a policy excess or deposit. You know exactly what you’re in for.
Possible harbour dues (other than our home harbour) are not included and have to be paid separately, since they are dependent on the destination chosen by the guests.

Should I bring special necessities aboard?

No, you don’t need special equipment. We take care of the life jackets. However, it is clever to take along some wind- and waterproof clothing, comfortable shoes without stiff and slippery soles. A warm sweater for the more chilly evenings or windy days is also recommended. Don’t forget to take along your personal medication, enough sun lotion, sunglasses and swimwear for the summery days.
Before boarding you can also read the tips for our guests.

What if I become seasick aboard?

It is hard to predict wether you will suffer from motion sickness. However, there are several ways to prevent or diminish sea sickness. Try to eat well before the trip and prevent drinking alcohol. It also helps to breath in the fresh air and to keep your eyes focussed on the horizon. The same counts for lying down in the ship. Saila also has several remedies aboard against seasickness. The discomfort mostly fades away after some time. Our experience is that only very few people aboard Saila experience sea sickness.

Why does it feel like I have been aboard much longer?

Well, you can give the answer yourself after a trip or holiday with Saila! We think it is because our guests not only cast off practically, but also mentally. The relaxing effect of sun, wind and water on a sailing yacht are well-known. Add the relaxed ambiance aboard and it feels as if you have been away for a long time!

Do you have discounts for regular guests?

Yes indeed! Regular guests receive attractive offers for special trips and holidays. We very much appreciate it if you share your enthusiastic sailing stories with your friends and family! Anyhow, also without special offers, our all-inclusive trips and holidays are very sharply priced.

Why is Medemblik your home harbour?

The IJsselmeer, Waddenzee and Noordzee are beautiful sailing waters. It is the perfect surrounding for a day, midweek of weekend of sailing. Picturesque harbour villages, tidal waters, beautiful skies, Wadden islands, nature, rustic anchorages, it’s all there! Regattacenter Medemblik is the ideal starting point for day trips, long weekends and extended trip. The harbour has very good facilities and a spacious parking area for our guests.

Beautiful sailing yacht! Can we rent it without skipper?

Saila always sails with her skipper. We want our guests to fully enjoy the beautiful sailing trips. Without worries about the boat, the safety and the wind. Sailing experience is not required. You are free to actively help with sailing the boat and you can ask skipper Hans for tips and tricks. The skipper will adjust to the wishes and experience of every guest.
Are you just looking for a sailing yacht to rent? Then we advise you to get in touch with a bareboat charter company.

Am I allowed to smoke aboard?

Concerning the safety and a healthy climate below deck you are not allowed to smoke aboard Saila. By keeping the saloon smoke-free we are able to welcome chronically and terminally ill people aboard (see our Pro Deo trips.). And for the non-smokers it is pleasant to have a cabin without the smell of smoke. A cigarette, cigar or pipe on the quay is no problem of course.

Is my dog or cat welcome aboard?

Pets are not allowed aboard. For guide-dogs we make an exception (please consult us beforehand).