Photo and video

Your time aboard is worth to remember, and what better way than through spontaneous pictures or a video. We can provide a very special keepsake of your time aboard. With pictures that capture the vibe of the day, or a professional videoclip. Skipper Hans has more than 30 years’ experience in professional filmmaking and photography. We have special rates for our guests for a stunning photo book or a valuable video.


Saila-Sailing-foto-collageWould you like a beautiful photo-reportage or a unique videoclip as a reminder of your amazing time aboard? Please let us know beforehand, so we can tune to your preferences. Experience shows that our guests love to receive pictures or a video to re-experience the day. It is also very suitable as an extra gift together with a gift voucher.

Sea-it: seeing is believing

GoProGiekFor Business trips we have specially developed our Sea-it™ video system: activities aboard will be filmed with mini camera’s. Trainers and coaches can use the footage to evaluate the behaviour and interaction together with the participants. Watching again for a follow up is also possible. The film pictures are oftentimes revealing, sometimes funny and always instructive. Get in touch with us for the possibilities to use the Sea-it™ system for your training or teambuilding event.