All inclusive


All the costs you will make aboard (breakfast and lunch, diesel, bed linnen, cleaning costs, etc) are included in our prices. Our all-inclusive prices are clear and easy, so you can enjoy your carefree day, weekend, week or holiday aboard! You will find the specific costs for each arrangement on the pages of private and business


All costs aboard are included:

  • Lunch (daytrips).
  • Breakfast & lunch (trips of more than one day).
  • Drinks (alcoholic drinks not included).
  • Skipper.
  • Life jackets.
  • Insurance.
  • Diesel & gas.
  • Harbour dues home port.
  • Bed linnen(trips of more than one day).
  • Cleaning costs.

The costs ashore are on account of the guests. Depending on the travel schedule it will be for example:

  • Harbour dues
  • Entrance of museums, etc..
  • Restaurants.
  • Customs (passport, visa).
  • Rent a pack with hand towel (2x) and towel (2x) for € 5,-.
  • Dinner aboard (including a beer or glass of wine) for € 15,- p.p.
  • Cooking aboard by yourself is possible for trips of more than one day (in consolation).
Down payment & cancellation
  • You don’t have to pay a deposit
  • After your down payment (30% of the total amount), your reservation will be definite and you will be sure of your booked dates.
  • The charter rate will be paid by you one day before departure.
  • Cancellation of you reservation is possible until 14 days before departure, you will have to pay a cancellation fee (25% of the charter rate). For other situations, we advice to purchase an cancellation insurance. Saila Sailing reserves the right to deviate in special circumstances.
  • Last-minute offers will be paid at once, given the time limit before departure.
  • You will always receive an invoice. This will automatically qualify you for future special offers.