A perfect getaway with friends or family

Zeilen met schipper

Sailing on Saila is an adventure. As soon as we cast off, we enter a different world. Day-to-day worries are left ashore. The interaction between wind and water brings relaxation and adventure. Aboard Saila you can have plenty of quality time with your partner, children or friends. Back ashore you feel like you’ve been away for a long time!

MoederDochterVierkantWe have great daytrips and weekend- or midweektrips. It is also possible to have your ultimate holiday aboard Saila, with a unique combination of adventure and relaxation! With its seas, lakes, rivers and canals, the Netherlands are the perfect place to enjoy time on the water.

Carefree sailing

Sailing with skipper Hans means carefree sailing: you are not responsible for the boat, but you are free to participate in the sailing. Or you can just pleasantly sprawl in the cockpit of the boat and enjoy the sun, wind and water.
Saila is not only suitable for sportive sailors. It’s also a very safe and seaworthy ship for families with children. Ideal for a weekend away or a lovely holiday!

The Netherlands and abroad…

We make short trips on the IJsselmeer (former sea in the heart of the Netherlands) and Waddenzee (in between the mainland and the northern islands). These water bodies are surrounded by unique and typically Dutch villages built around lovely harbours. For longer trips we can sail to the North Sea (England, Belgium, Norway and Denmark), Atlantic coast (France and Channel Islands) and the Baltic Sea (Sweden and Germany).