Daytrip: a breath of fresh air with friends and family

A nice day out sailing with friends? Just to relax, or for a special day out together? Skipper Hans will arrange a nice trip together with you. You can steer and trim the sails, or just laze away if you like! At the end of the day you will leave the boat with a real sense of relaxation. We take care of the lunch, drinks and life jackets (see safety). Feel free to join!


Together with skipper Hans you arrange your ideal day on the boat with friends or family. This can be a day of sportive sailing, or you can choose for a touristic trip to one of the scenic Dutch villages by the lake. Everything is possible. We always bear in mind the experience and wishes of every guest. We start and return at Regatta Center Medemblik, the home harbour of Saila.

We can accommodate a maximum of 6 (sometimes 8) guests.

€ 135,-/person/day
This price is all-inclusive (no costs for reservation, cleaning, policy excess, deposit, fuel, etc. and including skipper, life jacket, lunch and drinks!). Minimum of 4 guests.


The villages around the Markermeer and IJsselmeer (the former Zuiderzee) are rich in old buildings, interesting museums and beautiful harbours. The destinations below can help you plan your trip, but any idea or wish from your side is welome! Together we can arrange a wonderful trip. Skipper Hans knows the possibilities if you want a specific route or destination.


EnkhuizenEnkhuizen was an important harbour city and has innumerable buildings dating from the Golden Age. The most famous is the Drommedaris dating from 1540, which guards the entrance of the Old Harbour. The city is also called the ‘herring city’ since it is well known for its history in herring fishery. It is a lovely city with beautiful churches, lively harbours and historical houses. An ideal combination for a refreshing stroll.


HoornThanks to its rich history Hoorn has lots of beautiful historical buildings. The gorgeous canals, Hoofdtoren and Westfries museum are definitely worth a visit. Sailers from Hoorn travelled all over the world and named Cape Horn (southernmost headland of South-America) after their hometown. The city centre is very suitable for a relaxing stroll and a drink at one of the attractive outdoor cafés.


VolendamThis world-famous village is build on a dike and loved by tourists. In this old fishing village you can buy delicious fresh fish or enjoy other typical Dutch dishes such as poffertjes. If you like, you can wear a traditional costume and have your photograph taken in one of the many shops on the dike. For a bit more peace and quiet you can go for a stroll behind the dike, where you will find a maze of small streets, wooden houses and little canals.


UrkUrk is a former island which makes the village very characteristic. Fishery has always been the main source of income and nowadays Urk still has the largest fishing fleet of the Netherlands. The town centre has pittoresk houses and a nice harbour where the local men like to discuss life. The lighthouse, dating from 1844, gives a beautiful view over the IJsselmeer.